The world is multicolored and beautiful…. this is reflected in the music of the two Antientertainers Jens and Dennis – and what could be better than sharing their vibrant to the world?

In their warm electronic Sound both melancholy and lighthearted vocals meet dancefloor sounds resulting in a heartwarming live act, lovingly brought by the two berliners to the stage, and their dancing audience. It is fitting their first EP released in May is named “Singing with Love” followed by “Going Anywhere” and “On My Way” released on Neopren Records EP “My Way” in August 2012. In february will comes out their third strike, the “drunken sailor” e.p. at Schallbox Records, on which you will find “drunken sailor” and “role play” including amazing remixes .In June 2014 the guys will release there first album ” Limited Edition ” also on Schallbox Records.

So open one of many drawers that the boys have filled and check it out.


  • Singing with Love EP – V2 Nightworker / V2N008 (Vinyl 2012)
  • My Way EP – Neopren Records / NEO024 (Vinyl 2012)
  • Drunken Sailor EP – Schallbox Records / SBR013 (Vinyl 2013)
  • Limited Edition – Schallbox Records / SBRCD001 (CD 2014)
  • Limited Edition Remixed – Schallbox Records / SBRCD002 (Digital2015)
  • Take us Higher EP – Neopren Records (CD 2016)
  • Feel Love EP – Neopren Records (Vinyl 2018)

Available at: BEATPORT | AMAZON | DEEJAY | DECKSITUNESDJSHOP and your Local Vinyl Shops