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Schallbox digital // Antientertainers – Limited Edition Remixed // DIGITAL ALBUM “
Distribution: Straight Distribution // Release Date: 23.09.2015

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The Antientertainer’s album Limited Edition, is followed by their new one: Limited Edition Remixed! Summery grooves and melodies will light up the rays even brighter during the festival season. Tracklisting: 1. Antientertainers – Morning Walk (Max Schumann Remix) 2. Antientertainers – Odyssey (The Chosen Two Remix) 3. Antientertainers – Lights In My Garden (G-Rillo’s Acamotion Remix) 4. Antientertainers – Good Vibes (Der E-Kreisel Remix) 5. Antientertainers – Singing With Love (Anøuk Remix) 6. Antientertainers – Wear My Boots (Tadpole Remix) 7. Antientertainers – My Old Style (Hazkee Remix) 8. Antientertainers – High (Antitainer Remix) 9. Antientertainers – Men In A Hole (Francesco Ballatos Lost In Space Remix) 10. Antientertainers – Set You Free (Stefan Neufeld Remix) 11. Antientertainers – Straight Ahead (Mandibula Remix) 12. Antientertainers – Some Things Will Never Change (Okersounds Remix)

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