going anywhere

waking on clouds
and a plan you say it loud
and hear a music
turns you inside out
I voluntary take the great escape
make systems of your brain another day

sit on a deck looking around
heaven wait
spending my nights
before I go to sleep
hang in a cage walk over a bridge
and see
sometimes i´m free
I dont want to dissapear

and you can see life in my addiction
where i go i´m there
time that you will feel me
i wonder why i´m here
it´s time to heal addictions
where i go i¥m there
take the wildest fiction
i´m going anywhere

walking on clouds
see the birds they fly around
spread my wings
and falling to the ground
i never wanna change my way to feel
try to reach the time and change my way

stay to yourselfe don´t look around
somethings wait
attending my life
before i go to sleep
go out of my cave cross over the way
and feel
sometimes i´m free
I dont want to dissapear