singing with Love

Fascination goes with the effort
I am scream and you helling my look
Can´t ignore that you see only others
For long time I had suffered a lot

I am speaking with rain
and the wizards
I am defnetly home here i´m right
You will see all the time and the difference
Between the poles of a life

I can cry when you choke all my dreams now
In my mind all the memories are gone
When I feel all your hope and your pleasures
I´m singing with love

When I start up and think about nothing
I´m afraid that i loose what i am
In the moment i see how it happens
Help me handle my memories then

Im walking around in the desert
Try to searching and finding my ground
While you stay there and thinking about us
In your own house

Take my hand when we leaving the old town
We will find a new home if we want
When you with me I hope I feel better
I´m singing with love