men in the hole

searching a door
and i am wondering
will i find one
(that) brings me back to life

searching the key
heavy breathing
hands full of dust
go and hold your
head up high
i´m lost in space

wondering why
you don´t feel it
time to ignore (that you) don´t see it
feel it down down down

where are you now
the man in the ground
looking out a hole hole hole
where are you now
looking around
the man in a hole hole hole

searching a window
i can´t look out
side and i know
theres no way out

out of this life

searching a leddar
to climp up
higher then ever way to the top
is near and so far
i´m lost in space

where are the seasons
time goes sailing
waiting for darkness
i can´t break it
down down down
waiting around

making a plan to make the big break out
out of the shades
but I fail
and dis myself around around
spinning around