wear my boots

Saw you last night on the floor
from one to ten, fifteen´s your score.
hang on to your other mate.
make my move before its too late.
you´re stunning beautiful.

steppin like you own the place.
rodeo, get down, make waves,
never need to talk.

hang around these happy feet.
trippin cause you´re underneath
my sheets now going far…

wear my boots and wear my coats
and you´ll get everything.

wear my boots and you will start
seeing easy days.
i can hear that somewhere far
the people celebrate.

wear my boots
and were my coats
and you can start your day

you wear my boots

wake up finding you¥re not there,
your bag and dress are on the floor,
i look around, can´t catch your sight,
just evidence of dance last night.
bed full of emptiness.

last night´s dreams they seem so real
can´t count the ways you made me feel.
never need to talk

noises from the other room
door wide open there are you
you´re stunning beautiful.