Drunken Sailor EP Vinyl

Schallbox 013 // Antientertainers - Drunken Sailor // VINYL EP 12"
Distribution: Straight Distribution // Release Date: 13.04.2013

In 2013, Basel's flagship, Schallbox Records, will sail out to explore new worlds with 13th release: The"Antientertainers" from Berlin, Jens an Dennis will navigate the Schallbox-ship as "Drunken Sailors" through the high tides of electronic music and thereby fully showcase their beautiful yet multicolored world to the public. In the original "Drunken Sailor", the Antientertainers narrate their very own navy story of the oceans of the world: It is a delightful Electro-Pop ballad, which will be recognized from afar by all sailors in their local drinking holes. Steve Cole's remix will take you to its own stormy waters by reducing the original to its substantial elements; scattered sonic snippets reverberate through spaces, carried along by a straight beat until you're landing back at safe bay. Benno Blome's remix is accompanied by a funky Wurlitzer line; Sender's mastermind delivers a playful and groovy variation of this drunken sailor, demonstrating once more his masterclass. Back onshore - safe ground beneath the feet - the next adventure awaits: With "Roleplay" the boys challenge you to further explore the virgin soil by use of minimalistic sounds.

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